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Through a process of humble inquiry and practical application of both inner and outer work, ProSocial helps foster collaboration within and between groups at multiple scales – emulating the cooperation of a multicellular super-organism. Our science-based approach integrates previously isolated academic disciplines and can be applied to all topic areas (e.g., health, education, business, sustainability, spirituality...) and all scales from small groups to large networks and organizations, to the whole planet.
Offspring: -none-
Sibling: -none-
Curator(s): Nuno da Silva

What is a CommPractice profile

Communities of Practice entity pages are used to profile translocal constellations of potentially-transformative activity focused on one field of practice.

These entities can be nested, in that by identifying a Parent Community of Practice, then Sibling and Offspring, will be automatically associated and accessible.

(These pages are generated from the Relations established from within Person or Initiative pages. Also, they can be established by identifying a non-existing Community of Practice as a Parent. If existing, the link will be blue, if not yet existing, the link is red, and invites the page curator to create the page in question. )

The entity structure below is very similar to the Community of Place, the same for all three types, with one exception: Communities of Practice are where Patterns are curated.

The Main section contains:

  • a few required fields, such as a brief description, parent/sibling/offspring and page curator(s);
  • a summary of key relations are provided here;
  • optionally, one has the ability to display relevant images, give a full name, and longer description;

Other tabs contain:

  • Patterns being curated;
  • narratives about this entity,
  • and essence entries for this Community of Practice from any RKC participant.
These pages interact in generative ways with Entity pages--they can be referenced from an Entity page, if existing, the link will be blue, if new, the link is red, and invites the page curator to create the page in question.
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== Mission ==

Our mission is to work together to facilitate and inspire positive cultural change using evolutionary and behavioral science.


Our vision is for a more prosocial world.

Full Name: ProSocial World


Initiatives: -none-

Patterns & more


Patterns cared for by ProSocial Community of Practice:


About Narratives Tab...

The Narratives tab allows for creation of various types of narrative about this Community of Practice.

Narrative elements created from CommPractice:ProSocial:


About Essence Tab...

The Essence tab allows for anyone in RKC to comment on what makes this Community of Practice unique along three dimensions:
  • Aliveness: What energizes a Community of Practice that really makes it come alive, beyond the functional of everyday existence.
  • Offering: The unique value a Community of Practice offers in order to bring a higher-order of viability and vitality to, or evolve a particular system they are working to transform (this is context specific).
  • Potential: A tendency in a Community of Practice that it is continually striving to manifest into existence.
Over time, this feature can offer deeper insights to what each collective as a whole brings to this co-creative space.

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