LÚCIDA - Pensamento Regenerativo para Ações Claras

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LÚCIDA - Pensamento Regenerativo para Ações Claras
We are an organization that manages systemic change processes with cumulative experience in facilitation, creative leadership, and regenerative design and development. We are driven by the human capacity to harmonize our activity with the ecological processes that sustain life.
Structure organization (formal)
Membership: individuals
Start Date: 2020-12-01
End Date:
Legal Structure:
Email: lucidathinking@gmail.com
Curator(s): Constança Belchior

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Initiative Profile for LÚCIDA - Pensamento Regenerativo para Ações Claras


At Lúcida, we share the understanding of how living systems - such as nature, culture and the human being - operate, and we provide thinking, design and cooperation in order to develop capabilities - such as critical and systemic thinking, flexibility of perspective, and conscious participation - so that each entity (whether a person, team, organization or community) can better manage itself and its context, leading to more enlightened and creative choices in achieving its goals and greater purposes.

We promote the development of methodologies that enable reviewing the status quo, redefine purposes for the future, build strategic capabilities in people, teams and leadership, and co-create living processes that generate new perspectives based on a systemic understanding of your challenge. This work allows one to understand what needs to be done to better align personal and organizational development with the values and results one aims to achieve in the world. It also allows triggering clear actions or dynamics that can generate new value for the larger system where one operates and from which one benefits (value chain, sector, territory, community…).

Fields of intervention

  • Regenerative thinking and design (of projects and processes)
  • Strategic leadership and management
  • Capacity-building in critical thinking and collaboration
  • Design and facilitation of participatory processes
  • Organizational culture
  • Individual and team mentorship and coaching
  • Local and community development
  • Education in regenerative development

Our services

We work with mental processes and collaborative tools that enable us to see both externally - our behaviors and actions - and internally - our thinking and inner life that influence the way we feel and act.

We design services and deliverables tailored to the unique needs and characteristics of our customers, partners and the systems in which they operate. We do not believe in providing answers for those we serve. Rather, we surface questions and patterns that promote awareness and learning with the aim of developing agency in one’s thinking, actions and the results achieved.

Below are some examples of how we have worked with teams, organizations, consortia, communities or networks:

- Transformative and future purposes definition

- Reflexive and strategic capacity-building in project leaders and teams

- Pattern identification and systematization that limit and enhance the desired change

- Systemic sense-making and insight generation that support key interventions in the organization

- Mentoring, facilitation and training sessions for leaders and/or teams

- Design and capacity-building of collaborative processes, both internal and external with partners and stakeholders

Approach and methodology

What guides our thinking, design and action

At Lúcida, we have a well-defined core way of thinking, being and acting, which reflects the change that we believe is fundamental to enact in the world. This change is what we seek to catalyze with our work.


From a mechanical perspective that sees the world as parts, linear, controllable and anthropocentric -> Into a living systems perspective that sees the world as a whole, interdependent, complex, dynamic, emergent and ecocentric.


From solving specific problems -> Into seeing and enabling systemic potential.

From focussing on doing -> Into integrating doing, being and will.

From transactional relationships -> Into mutual evolution relationships.


From being consultants and telling how to act -> Into supporting the development of new thinking and capabilities.

From working with abstract and generic concepts and ideas -> Into using people’s and organization’s concrete experience and context.

From importing thinking and replicate good practices -> Into rigorously co-creating thinking that is alive and can lead to new pathways

==What we believe in==


We believe that in order to achieve prosperity in the 21st century, within the means of a living planet, it’s not enough to aspire to more sustainability - understood as a set of environmental, social and economic measures that aim to balance growth and mitigation/neutralization of negative impacts - nor to innovate/decarbonize the economy.

We must go beyond “doing good” to people and the planet for a just transition. In order to radically innovate how we operate in the sectors, markets, places where we work and live, and in the communities to which we belong, it is essential to regenerate our way of thinking about the world and develop capacities to evolve counting on People, Planet and Society as a whole.


Inspired by the way living systems work and the principles of Regenerative Development, we believe that the human being has the capacity for self-determination, discernment and evolution, and for this it is essential to create the conditions that enable the generation and nourishment of change and transformation processes. Feeding the continuous development of their potential, each person will have a unique and unrepeatable contribution to the organization as a whole, making him or herself irreplaceable.

When well implemented, a change process that aims to evolve the capacity for self-determination has the power to trigger the regeneration not only of the organization, but also of the sectors, territories, and social and ecological systems within which it operates and relies on.


Initiatives: -none-
Comm. of Practice:
Comm. of Place: -none-


Status: We are Potential practice practitioners. We are regenerative-curious.


Full Name: LÚCIDA - Pensamento Regenerativo para Ações Claras

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