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Proteus Initiative
approaching an ecology of consciousness
Structure organization (formal)
Membership: individuals, groups
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Curator(s): Nuno da Silva

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Initiative Profile for Proteus Initiative
The Proteus Initiative works holistically, following an organic approach first developed by JW von Goethe. More depends on the way we think, on the way we see, and on our ability to open our own selves, than we may imagine. Our own stories are entwined in every movement of shift or reversal that is manifested in the world. We bring this understanding and method to the sphere of social and environmental change, activism and stewardship. Our work is an attempt to realise the consequences of true participation, of socio-ecological complexity, and of an emerging consciousness that holds freedom and responsibility as a generative polarity in the quest for wholeness.

... involves offering programmes which address themselves to social issues, concerns and possibilities which shape our current and future context and realities.

We offer active space for engagement in creative and generative ways, in environments which lend themselves to an encounter with the unboundedness of the outer wild, and hence with inner stretching towards a deepened and renewed sense of self, as well as an experience and understanding of a larger perspective; always towards the connection between our inner nature and outer circumstance.

These programmes take many forms, but always engage participants actively, encourage them to intimately encounter other (both human and nature), help them to develop their capacity to pay attention and to work with living ways of seeing, and invite an immersion of self. Enlivened, dynamic conversation weaves through all our work.

Our 'Responsive' Work

... aims to increase the ability to observe and to understand – with greater breadth and depth – the realities of people's situations and contexts.

To reveal the animating energies that may empower, or the dynamics and patterns that limit and hold a situation (and ourselves) captive. And to gain the courage and imagination to move beyond.

We work as consultants to social organisations, social formations, communities, leaders and practitioners who are concerned with questions of social renewal. We seek to help clients develop the insights which may enable their efforts to cohere in more meaningful ways, to work beyond their lists of issues into a realm of reflective learning and renewed meaning. To find the sources of their possibilities and constraints and to move into the arena of social creativity once more.

With these parameters in mind, we undertake organisational interventions, leadership and management, mentoring and coaching, community development facilitation, evaluations and research, development of strategies and systems, relationship facilitation and learning/reflection processes.

We school practitioners in the requisite understanding and faculties required by this new approach.


Initiatives: -none-
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Comm. of Place: -none-


Status: We are Potential practice practitioners. We are regenerative-curious.


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The Interventions tab allows for the compilation of a Initiative playlist of frequently-used Interventions--unique instances of potentially transformative actions.

Interventions derived from Patterns, stand a better chance to be transformative. The aim is for our Interventions to be well-conceived, context-specific and consciously applied.

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Narrative elements created from Proteus Initiative:


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  • Potential: A tendency in a collective that it is continually striving to manifest into existence.

Over time, this feature can offer deeper insights to what each collective as a whole brings to this co-creative space.

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