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“Where is the knowledge we lose in information?"

--T.S. Eliot

"Knowledge is knowledge only in that it is organization, only in that it is put in relation and context to information”.

--Edgar Morin

Welcome to the Regenerative Knowledge Commons (RKC)!

This knowledge commons is an open-source, wiki-based commons for collectively (re)generating knowledge, understanding and even wisdom, perhaps, around regenerative commoning!

RKC is an open and living system for knowledge freely given, to be cared for and shared.

Absolutely anyone, and we hope everyone, will benefit from this knowledge commons. However, only those that feel authentically called to co-create and co-learn are likely to generate value from their participation.

RKC is intended as an active space for practitioners to regenerate themselves and their thinking, to cultivate relations with fellow participants and collectively inhabit the systems they intend to transform and evolve. Indeed, to the extent they intend to transform the larger contexts they are a part of, will generate both value for themselves and others via their active participation.

  • Browse: Anyone can browse freely, without logging in. What you will find here is:

  • Browse: Anyone can browse freely, without logging in. What you will find here is:
    • Individuals--Persons--and collectives-- Social-Entities--who aspire to take on transformative roles;
    • Potentially transformative elements--Patterns--such as practices, processes, frameworks, tools, capacities, livelihoods whose recurrence in the world is desirable due to reconciliatory nature in a particular context; and,
    • Processes for guiding (journeys, curriculum, pathways) and/or documenting (stories, case studies, research) our learning about our patterned-interventions in real-world contexts.

Ways to Participate

There are several ways to enjoy RKC:

  • Commentator: In order to participate behind the scenes--edit or create content on existing pages--you must first (top right of page).
    • If you are new to RKC, please follow the RKC On-boarding process.
      • when requesting account, please fill in Real Name field appropriately (this will be the name of your Person page).
  • Page Curator: To participate more fully--curate your own pages--you start by having a Person page (see existing Person pages here
    • If you do not have a Person page, create one from your User page a very simple initial step. The rest unfolds naturally from there, we'll guide you along the way!