CCC Toolkit and Pathway

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CCC Toolkit and Pathway
The CCC Toolkit and Pathway is designed to support community climate coaches.
Communities of Practice:
Curator(s): Mario Yanez;Davie Philip

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Pattern page for CCC Toolkit and Pathway pattern
The CCC Toolkit and Resilience Pathway is being developed by a Community of Practice made up of permaculturists, advocates for ecovillages and transition towns, and proponents of regenerative design from across Europe. This toolkit brings together a range of resources and guidance from our networks and kindred movements to help design and catalyse inclusive and participatory interventions that drive community-led climate action, regeneration and resilience.


The Community Climate Coach (CCC) toolkit is a curated collection of resources and methods for facilitators and coaches supporting local climate action. It offers a range of approaches for fostering community involvement and facilitating transformative change.

This document gives an overview of where the CCC Community of Practice is at in the process of curating a set of tools, methods, and a pathway to empower facilitators, coaches and community animators to support, catalyse and link initiatives across geographical areas and sectors, and assist citizens in connecting to nature and place, decarbonising, and building increased solidarity to face the converging challenges we face today.

Who is the target audience?

CCC is a set of resources designed specifically for coaches, facilitators, and local animators who are looking to empower their communities to take the lead in addressing climate change and building resilience.

The CCC Toolkit is initially being developed for facilitators from our own networks. It will also be a useful resource for established coaches, trainers, animators, community leaders and anyone engaged in fostering climate, community, and ecological resilience and interested in developing a new livelihood stream as a Community Climate Coach.

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