CCC Two Waves and Six Phases

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CCC Two Waves and Six Phases
To better describe the process envisioned we give a narrative description below of how the 6 Phases are mapped on to the Two Loop framework.
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Pattern page for CCC Two Waves and Six Phases pattern
The Community Climate Coach (CCC) Resilience Pathway is embedded in a modified Two Loop Model of Change, which was introduced by the Berkana Institute in their paper "Using Emergence to Take Social Innovation to Scale."

Two Loop model

This model suggests that change emerges in human systems out of a spontaneous series of local actions, which link together organically and purposely in ways that facilitate the development of integrated networks of relationships that are aligned in the pursuit of mutual interests and goals.

The Two Loop Model provides insight into the simultaneous growth and decline processes underway within a system during a transition period, and helps us understand how systems die and new systems emerge. It is an effective way to think about what's going on and where we stand in the process of change.

Two Wave approach

Our Two Wave approach builds on the work of many who have helped us understand and use the Two Loop framework, including Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze, as well as Amanda Fenton, Chris Corrigan, and Chris Chapman from the Art of Hosting community.

It is also informed by the Adaptive Cycle or Panarchy frameworks, which provide a more complete view of system dynamics and help us focus on the processes of destruction and reorganisation that are often neglected in favour of growth and conservation.

Although the Two Loop Model is a nonlinear theory of change based on the ideas of living systems, for the purpose of our journey as climate coaches we will begin at the peak of the first wave, although you could choose to start at any other phase depending on your need. Regardless of where you begin, the CCC Resilience Pathway will provide valuable insights and resources as you work to empower communities to take the lead in addressing climate change and building resilience.

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