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RKC Person profile
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the process that culminates in creation of a RKC Person profile
Communities of Practice:
Curator(s): Mario Yanez

What is a Pattern

Pattern pages are used for working with RKC patterns. Patterns can be added by referencing them from the Pattern tab of Person, Social-Entity, Community of Place, or Community of Practice pages.

The Main section contains:

  • a few required fields, such as a ordering structure and usage mode, brief description, parent/sibling/offspring of Pattern and page curator(s);
  • optionally, one has the ability to display relevant images, give a full name, and longer description;
  • and, lastly, a summary of key relations which have a pattern on their "playlist" are provided here as well.
Pattern page for RKC Person profile pattern
To participate more fully--curate your own pages--you start by creating a Person page:

Step 1. Community Agreements

Please read the RKC Community Agreements, your participation in this commons is a tacit agreement to abide by them!

Step 2. Create your Person page

If you do not already have a Person page, create one from your User page. It should look like this:

(RKC UG) User page, Correct.png

If your Real Name is not showing up correctly, then there is most likely an issue with the User Name (spelling, caps, etc) on this page that is not the same as how you are logged in. Please stop here and ask for help.

If your name shows up correctly as a red link, then click on the the red link containing your Real Name (Note: If you right click, you can open page on a new tab pr browser instance, it is easier to come back to this user guide for further steps) and you will be transported to a Person form, that looks like this:

(RKC UG) Creating Person page, 1. Basic required.png

Step 3. Basic required fields

  • Fill in the four basic required fields:
    • a brief phrase describing you;
    • on or more localities that you wish to be associated with (for geographical mapping only!);
    • your User Name, as you created it;
    • your email, and if you want it to display.
  • If you ever have any doubts, about any field, hover pointer over blue dot with "?" for helpful hints.
  • Then, press Save button at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations!!! You are now a Page Curator and you're on your way to caring for your first page in RKC.

The rest unfolds naturally from there, we'll guide you along the way!

To go back to editing your Person page, select the link Edit with Form. You will find this, towards the top of the page, underneath the page title.

Ordering & Usage

Ordering Structures Usage Modes
  • Pathways (aim-pathway-practice)
  • pathway


Persons: -none-
Initiatives: -none-

Resolution of Forces & Use Cases

Utilization & More


About Utilization Tab...

The Utilization tab shows which Processes--case study, story, journey, curriculum, research study, etc--this Pattern is applied in.

Interventions expressing RKC Person profile pattern:


About Process Tab...

Process Patterns tab is meant as a staging area for listing/creating Patterns that make part of this Process Pattern.

Patterns associated to RKC Person profile Process Pattern:


About Narratives Tab...

The Narratives tab allows for various types of narrative about the Pattern, any relevant research, a review about its use, etc.

Narrative elements created from RKC Person profile:


About Essence Tab...

The Essence tab allows for anyone in RKC to comment on what makes a pattern unique along three different dimensions:
   Aliveness: What energizes this being that really makes it come alive, beyond the functional of everyday existence.
   Offering: The unique value a pattern offers in order to bring a higher-order of viability and vitality to, or evolve a particular system they are working to transform (this is context specific).
   Potential: A tendency in a being that this pattern is continually striving to manifest into existence.
Over time, this feature can offer deeper insights to what each pattern brings to this co-creative space.

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