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Steve Charter
Active in the permaculture and regenerative movements, particularly in relation to education and learning pathways. Also co-founder of an eco-enterprise (Evolution Music) with regenerative intentions.
Localities: High Weald, England
User ID: stevec
Email: ----

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Person Profile for Steve Charter
I have worked in the sustainability field since the mid-1990's, particularly in the field of sustainable construction training and education. I completed my permaculture diploma in 2001 (PDC in 1994), and have led around 20 PDCs in Spain and England, usually teaching with others. I am a member of the UK Education Working Group within the UK permaculture movement, and am Fundraising Coordinator (Part-time) for the Permaculture Association (Britain). I co-founded IPEN with Lachlan McKensie (of Permaculture South Australia and Permatil Global, co-author of the Tropical Permaculture Guidebook), although our work has been limited by lack of capacity. I had a leading roole in securing Erasmus+ funding for both the Community Climate Coaches project (8 European partners) and the iACT project (7 partners), which together have funded this RKC, with the latter project aiming to undertake work that IPEN was not able to fulfil. I have initiated the Competency pages on the CfF Wiki.
Motivation: Love for people, place and planet.


Initiatives: -none-
Comm. of Practice:
Comm. of Place: -none-


Status: I am a(n) Existing Practitioner practitioner. I consider myself More than half my work is in regenerative field.
Geographic reach: Translocally
Area(s) of work: Bio-physical, Psycho-spiritual, Socio-cultural
Expression of purpose: Creative/artistic activity;Communications and information sharing;Dialogue and interpersonal communication;Events: gatherings, festivals and celebrations;Events: online;Learning: facilitation, coaching, mentoring, developmental resourcing;Organizational and group processes;Networking;Project development and delivery
Stakeholder type(s): Team, Partners
More about my practice: Partnership project initiation and implementation. At the early stages of developing coaching practice in these areas.
My Idea of regenerative: Regenerative is an aspect of ecological sustainability, in that ecological systems that are sustainable have inherently regenerative characteristics and self-managing systems / responses - which is what gives the systems resilience. I fully understand that people use the terms 'regenerative' and 'sustainability' in different ways and that mainstream use of the term 'sustainable' is largely inappropriate.

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