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Page Description Short Curators Images Other Parent Practice Parent Address Coordinates Description Long Websites Full Name Ecosystem Name
Activating Community Transformation (iACT) iACT Steve Charter Community Catalysts Community Catalysts The main output of iACT is the iACT / LAND Centre Handbook. It is available in multiple languages: * Portuguese: [ IACTLANDCentresHandbookFinal-pt.pdf] Activating Community Transformation (iACT)
Community Climate Coaches Community Climate Coaches community of practice Annika Alex; Davie Philip; Mario Yanez
E+ Community Climate Coaches.png
Community Catalysts Community Catalysts Community Climate Coaches (CCCs), as a community of practice, is organizing around the aim of developing the burgeoning field of community climate coaching. Community climate coaches are catalyst practitioners that work mainly with diverse sets of groups in order to dramatically shift the social climate (improved cohesion, communication, collaboration, mutualism, etc.) within communities of place. The RKC is designed to enable CCCs to develop a strong sense of the existing dynamics, underutilized capacities and latent potential of groups, individually and collectively, at varying scales (local to bioregional) so they can find ways to intervene systemically via regenerative commoning. CCC is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. Proj. ref.: 2020-1-IE01-KA204-066023 __NOCACHE__ * [ CCC Website]__NOCACHE__ * [ CCC Project] Community Climate Coaches Community of Practice Community Climate Coaches
ProSocial Through a process of humble inquiry and practical application of both inner and outer work, ProSocial helps foster collaboration within and between groups at multiple scales – emulating the cooperation of a multicellular super-organism. Our science-based approach integrates previously isolated acade Nuno da Silva == Mission == Our mission is to work together to facilitate and inspire positive cultural change using evolutionary and behavioral science. == Vision == Our vision is for a more prosocial world. __NOCACHE__ * [ Website] ProSocial World ProSocial
Reflective Social Practice Approaching an ecology of consciousness Nuno da Silva This is a practice towards the relationship between ecological wholeness and social coherence and healing. Enabling people to stretch their processes of inner and outer development to greater edges and depths; this is the foundation for socially responsive and life-supporting practices. __NOCACHE__ * [ Website] Reflective Social Practice Reflective Social Practice
Regenerative Development Regenerative Development is a school of will and community of practice Mario Yanez The Regenerative Development School describes itself as a school of ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Will|will]]'', making reference to a ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Living systems frameworks|living systems frameworks]]'', in particular ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Function-being-will|function-being-will]]'', which are at the core if its technology. The [[Pattern:Regenerative paradigm|regenerative paradigm]], based on living systems thinking, is at the heart of its practice. And, the [[Pattern:7 First Principles|7 First Principles]], are foundational to is its developmental focus. ==Background== Although a recent development over the last few decades, it's lineage has roots that go much deeper. One of the strongest roots, perhaps the taproot, is esoteric teachings of the [[wikipedia:Fourth_Way|Fourth Way]] developed by [[wikipedia:George_Gurdjieff|George Gurdjieff]] and his adherents. The The Institute for Developmental Processes with founder Charlie Krone in the early 1980's formed some of the early learning circles. ==Work in the world== From here, two main expressions emerged: One, the work of [ Regenesis Group] in 1995, and subsequently [ Regenesis Institute for Regenerative Practice], whose focus was on regenerative work in communities. The other the work Carol Sanford, with the [ Change Agent Development (CAD)/SEED] Communities program that started some 5 years later, with its focus on Personal/Professional/Business development. Regenerative Development School Regenerative Development
Regenerative Knowledge Commons The Regenerative Knowledge Commons is the community of practice, dedicated to stewarding the Regenerative Knowledge Commons. Mario Yanez; Markus Molz
RKC Logo medium.png
Regenerative Commoning Regenerative Commoning FCiencias.ID's regenerative design team, as part of both the CCC & iACT projects, has developed an open-source, wiki-based commons for collectively (re)generating knowledge (even understanding and wisdom, perhaps) we are calling the Regenerative Knowledge Commons. The Regenerative Knowledge Commons (RKC) is designed to make visible and tangible the constellations of individuals and collectives engaged in transforming their ecosocial systems guided by a regenerative (i.e. living systems) paradigm. These self-organizing constellations occur both locally as communities of place and translocally as communities of practice. And, where the local and translocal intersect they form transformative ecosystems. Supporting the emergence, growth, visibility and potency of such transformative ecosystems is the key purpose of the RKC. As an active space and living repository for mutual co-creation and co-learning, the RKC grows from, and depends upon, the dynamic, mutually beneficial interactions that constitute transformative ecosystems. The RKC depends on an emerging community of stewards, responsible for co-design, monitoring and ongoing refinement of the rules, roles and interfaces (RKC’s operating system) guiding the kinds of interactions that might unfold. Regenerative Knowledge Commons Regenerative Knowledge Commons
Transição Portugal Transição Portugal Humberto Mendes
Logo transição.png
Transição Portugal - Hub de Portugal da Transition Network __NOCACHE__ * [ Facebook]__NOCACHE__ * [ Site] Transição Portugal
Community Catalysts CC Mario Yanez Community Catalysts