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What is a Pattern

Pattern pages are used for working with RKC patterns. Patterns can be added by referencing them from the Pattern tab of Person, Social-Entity, Community of Place, or Community of Practice pages.

The Main section contains:

  • a few required fields, such as a ordering structure and usage mode, brief description, parent/sibling/offspring of Pattern and page curator(s);
  • optionally, one has the ability to display relevant images, give a full name, and longer description;
  • and, lastly, a summary of key relations which have a pattern on their "playlist" are provided here as well.

Basic Required[edit]

Description (brief): *   What is essential and unique about this pattern?
Ordering Structure(s): *   Choose one or more ways you could order this Pattern.
Usage Mode(s): *   For each Ordering, choose one mods of usage for this Pattern.
Curator(s): *   Choose a Person or Persons responsible for tending to this page.

Communities of Practice for this Pattern:

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Full Name:   Give a longer name if needed; otherwise keep the same name as form.
Parent:   Choose a Parent pattern that this Pattern is immediately nested under.
Description (longer):   Use this field to fully describe the Pattern...
Images Other:   Some images representative of this Pattern. Upload file

Relevant Links:

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About Resolution of Forces

The Resolution tab allows for reflection on what this pattern is reconciling.

All generative patterns are composed of at least three forces or sets of relations that form a creative tensions that exist to bring something new into a higher order of existence:

  • an activating force, that gives aliveness to a situation
  • a restraining force, which seems to work against the activating force, but can serve to contain it, give it shape;

and a reconciling force, which pulls the contradiction "upwards", to a new level, where the two can co-exist in a new, harmonious way;

  • Example: excess food waste (activating) <--> lack of living soil (restraining) => compost (reconciling).
Activating Force: *   Describe what is bringing aliveness to this Pattern--why is it relevant; ex: awareness of others with a similar shared purpose.
Restraining Force: *   Describe what is limiting or holding this Pattern in check; ex: competition for limited resources.
Reconciling Force: *   Describe a higher-order reconciliation of the activating and restraining forces; ex: two or more Initiatives work together and make most of available resources.

About Case Use

The Case Use tab allows for reflection on what generalized context(s) this pattern can be used in and examples of how this pattern can be used.
Generic Context:   Describe the type of context, in which one could use this Pattern to intervene?
Intervention Examples:   Give examples of ways in which one could intervene with this Pattern?

About Narratives tab...

Process Patterns tab is meant as a staging area for listing/creating Patterns that make part of this Process Pattern.

Patterns Associated with this Process:

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About Narratives tab...

The Narratives tab allows for various types of narrative about the Pattern, any relevant research, a review about its use, etc.

Associated Narratives:

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About Essence tab

The Essence tab allows for anyone in RKC to comment on what makes a pattern unique along three different dimensions:
   Aliveness: What energizes this being that really makes it come alive, beyond the functional of everyday existence.
   Offering: The unique value a pattern offers in order to bring a higher-order of viability and vitality to, or evolve a particular system they are working to transform (this is context specific).
   Potential: A tendency in a being that this pattern is continually striving to manifest into existence.
Over time, this feature can offer deeper insights to what each pattern brings to this co-creative space.

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