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Basic Required[edit]

About Person page

A person profile is the first step for you, as a potentially transformative change-maker, to participate in the Regenerative Knowledge Commons.

The main section contains:

  • a few required fields, such as brief description, user name, email, and associated localities;
  • a summary of key relations and description of practice are provided here as well;
  • optionally, there is the ability to display multiple images, any relevant links (websites, social media, other affiliations), a longer description of oneself, motivation for participating in RKC;

Other tabs contain:

  • and, Playlists & More section that provides a space to organize:
    • frequently used patterns and interventions
    • narratives about oneself,
    • and essence entries of this Person from any RKC participant.

Description (brief):   * What is essential and unique about you? Keep it tight, light, playful even... not a job interview.
Associated Localities:   * The local mapable place(s) that you spend most of your time.

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RKC Username:   * Enter the username that you use to login to RKC.
Email:   * Enter an email that can be used to contact you outside of RKC.
Hide Email:  Choose whether Email will display on Person profile.


About Extended tab...

The Extended tab within the Person profile allows for entry of basic, yet optional information.

There is the ability to display

  • multiple images,
  • any relevant links (websites, social media, other affiliations),
  • a longer description of oneself, and,
  • motivation for participating in RKC.

Images:   Some images of yourself... needless to say, fun is welcomed, AND keep it clean. Upload file
Description (longer):   This is not a BIO, be yourself, tell others about who you really are...
Motivation:   Why are you here? If you don't know, no one else will!

Relevant Links:

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About Relations tab...

The Relations tabs contains two critical features that serve to connect the Person to Social-Entities they are associated with and/or Person to Communities-of-Place and/or Person to Communities-of-Practice they are participating in.

These are all generative fields, in that a new entry can prompt the creation of a new Social-Entity or Ecosystem page respectively, using red links.

Associated Initiatives:

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Communities of Practice:

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Communities of Place:

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About Practice tab...

The Practice tab enables Persons to display a more detailed profile about the kind of systems change they work towards in the world. It allows individual RKC participants who are aspiring or existing regenerative practitioners, to describe the regenerative dimension of their practice.

RKC is, above all, a developmental space and acknowledges that we are all a work-in-progress--microcosms of the systems we desire to evolve.

RKC welcomes all change-makers aspiring to regenerate themselves, their thinking and practice in order that we may collectively bring about truly transformative ecosocial change.

Practitioner Status:   Everyone in the field of regenerative practice is on a pathway-- a trajectory of co-learning... Where are you roughly on this pathway?
Degree of Regenerative:   To what degree have you been able to viably integrate regenerative work into your practice?
Describe Regenerative:   This word means many different things to many different folks. What does regenerative mean to you?
Geographic Reach:   How would you identify the "scale" of spaces you work in?
A village, town, neighborhood, rural area, urban centre, suburb, etc., typically on a human scale.
Some larger continuous geographic area, with a clear sense of ecological and/or cultural idInitiative, that encompasses multiple localities.
Via regional, national, international and/or transnational network(s), movement(s), communities of practice.
Online only.
Area(s) of Work:
Material phenomena: living systems, built environments, tools and technology.
Subjective phenomena: consciousness, spirituality, self-awareness, inner transition, personal development and resilience.
Collective structures and processes: culture, ethics, communication, social technologies, decision-making, collaboration, conflict, economic relationships.
Expression of Purpose:   Ha! Good luck with this one... (just kidding). Give it a go, please let us know if something essential for you is missing.
Stakeholder Type(s):   Identify what types of stakeholders you work with... once again if something is missing, please let us know.
Description of Practice:   Tell us what is unique about your regenerative practice...

About Patterns tab...

The Patterns tab allows for the compilation of a personal playlist of frequently-used Patterns--practices, processes, frameworks, tools, capacities, livelihoods and any other elements of transformative action.

There are four types of Pattern:

  • Design patterns: basic, singular patterns that can stand on their own;
  • Guiding patterns: paradigm-related patterns, that can create an identifying context for--that is, serve to group--design patterns;
  • Process patterns: an assemblage of multiple patters, that can be applied randomly or sequentially to form an intervention (often referred to as a pattern language);
  • Meta patterns: systemic level patterns, that enable cross-over between different Communities of Practice and their Patterns.

Note: Currently, there is only one Pattern entity in RKC, these distinctions will be built into this entity, until such time it becomes necessary to individuate.

Pattern is a generative field, in that a new entry can prompt the creation of a new Pattern page, using a red link.

Pattern can be nested, which means it can be connected to other patterns via multiple levels of organization. By using the Parent field, any Pattern can be connected to the next higher-order Pattern it belongs to.

Associated Patterns:

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About Interventions tab...

The Interventions tab allows for the compilation of a personal playlist of frequently-used Interventions--unique instances of potentially transformative actions.

Interventions derived from Patterns, stand a better chance to be transformative. The aim is for our Interventions to be well-conceived, context-specific and consciously applied.

Intervention is a generative field, in that a new entry can prompt the creation of a new Intervention page, using a red link.

Associated Interventions:

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About Narratives tab...

The Narratives tab enables Persons to create relevant narrative elements about themselves, such as stories, descriptions, past experiences, and happenings.

Associated Narratives:

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About Essence tab...

The Essence tab allows for anyone in RKC (including oneself) to comment on what makes you unique along three different dimensions:
  • Aliveness: What energizes this being that really makes it come alive, beyond the functional of everyday existence.
  • Offering: The unique value a being offers in order to bring a higher-order of viability and vitality to, or evolve a particular system they are working to transform (this is context specific).
  • Potential: A tendency in a being that it is continually striving to manifest into existence.

Over time, this feature can offer deeper insights to what each individual brings to this co-creative space...

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