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Mario Yanez
I am a practitioner-scholar: researching what it means to be fully human; developing the practice and conditions of regenerative commoning.
Localities: Corroios, Portugal
User ID: Mariomyanez

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Person Profile for Mario Yanez
I care deeply about what makes us fully human, what that really means, the potential of what that could mean. I believe it has something to do with how we relate to each other and the web of Life. Currently our mode of being human is toxic for our ecosystems and the planet.

My path began the day my daughter was born (24 years ago). To date it has been marked with many social experiments, prototypes, off-the-wall interventions, alternate ways that we might show up as human, ways that amplify the Life-sustaining capacity of our biosphere.

Through my whole-systems design practice, I've gained much lived experience. This next phase, I feel called to deepen my understanding about this Universe-of-Complexity from which I continue learning so much, identify the patterns that ought to continue (and those that ought not),and share, share, share.

As I get older, I am becoming clearer and clearer on which games I want to play, and which I have absolutely no interest in participating.

Motivation: I am in RKC because I believe we all must work in nodal ways—to be strategic on how we use our energies—to accelerate and amplify transformative change particularly in human social systems, which are clearly misaligned with natural living systems. As a founding steward of the Regenerative Knowledge Commons, I believe it is essential that our collective efforts become visible and tangible to each other and to the “outside” world. My participation here is bringing forth a new possibility: to actualize the potential of regenerative commoning.


Comm. of Practice:
Comm. of Place:


Status: I am a(n) existing practitioner. I consider myself in seasoned regenerative practice (most of my work).
Geographic reach: Translocally, via Online Platform
Area(s) of work: Psycho-spiritual, Socio-cultural
Expression of purpose: Provision of commoning/community services;Provision of virtual infrastructure;Research
Stakeholder type(s): Partners, Other Initiatives, Extended/Virtual community
More about my practice: My practice involves enabling the various allied change-maker movements to work more transformatively.
My Idea of regenerative: I consider regenerative a state of being, one that must be continually regenerated. It requires rigorous conscious practice on my part to elevate my thinking and pay attention to level of energy I am working from. It also means that I remain conscious that I am always working simultaneously to develop capacity in myself, the field (others I work with), and the systems I seek to transform.

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Pattern Type Description
“Levels of” meta-framework design this meta-framework pulls together various living systems frameworks into that we can use to simultaneously locate ourselves, others, and the work we are collectively doing in the world
Regenerative development design The field of Regenerative Development (RD) is a convergence of many fields, but in particular brings together permaculture and organizational development.
Regenerative development principles design RD principles
Regenerative Development Aims design Regenerative Development Aims (RDAs), the next step beyond SDGs
RDA 13a. Atmosphere and Climate design Aim 13.a Atmosphere and Climate
RDA 13b. Biosphere and bidiversity design 13b. Biosphere and bidiversity
RDA 14. Acquatic ecosystems design Aim 14. Restore regenerative capacity of Acquatic ecosystems
Aim 15. Terrestrial ecosystems design Aim 15. Restore regenerative capacity of terrestrial ecosystems
RDA 16. Humanization design Aim 16. Humanization
RDA 17. Planetization design RDA 17. Planetization
Regenerative meta Description of the term regenerative
RKC User Guides process An assembly of how-to guides for RKC
Navigating RKC process Describe the many ways of navigating RKC


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Intervention Description
Convergencia Portugal 2023 National multiplier event for 2023

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Narrative elements created from Mario Yanez:


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  • Potential: A tendency in a being that it is continually striving to manifest into existence.

Over time, this feature can offer deeper insights to what each individual brings to this co-creative space...

Type User Date Description
Aliveness Mario Yanez (Mariomyanez) March 6th, 2023 test
Aliveness Mario Yanez (Mariomyanez) March 7th, 2023 test
Aliveness Mario Yanez (Mariomyanez) March 7th, 2023 test 2
Aliveness Mario Yanez (Mariomyanez) March 7th, 2023 Test again


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