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Intervention entity pages are used for working with RKC interventions--unique instances of Patterns applied to a particular Community of Place. They help to generate lived experience of how Patterns perform in unique contexts. These entities can be added by referencing them from the Interventions tab of a either Person or Initiative pages.

  • Main: The Main section contains:
    • a few required fields, such as a brief description, parent/sibling/offspring, Community of Place where it took place, and page curator(s);
    • optionally, one has the ability to display relevant images, give a full name, and longer description;
    • and, lastly, a summary of Persons and/or Initiatives which have this Intervention on their "playlist";

This entity uses tabs to organize the following:

  • Context: The Context tab allows for extended documentation of the unique circumstances about this Intervention, including any relevant happenings and related past interventions. [still under development]
  • Intervention Design: The Intervention Design tab enables an interactive pattern-generated design process.[still under development]
  • Narratives: The Narratives tab allows for various types of narrative about this Intervention, any relevant learning generated via its application, a review about its use in a particular context, etc.

Please Note: Pattern and Intervention are generative displays:*Blue links, link to an existing page;

  • Red links, prompt the creation of a new page with the appropriate form and template.