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Description_ShortStringThe Regenerative Knowledge Commons is the community of practice, dedicated to stewarding the Regenerative Knowledge Commons.
CuratorsList of String, delimiter: ,Mario Yanez; Markus Molz
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Parent_PracticeStringRegenerative Commoning
ParentStringRegenerative Commoning
Description_LongTextFCiencias.ID's regenerative design team, as part of both the CCC & iACT projects, has developed an open-source, wiki-based commons for collectively (re)generating knowledge (even understanding and wisdom, perhaps) we are calling the Regenerative Knowledge Commons. The Regenerative Knowledge Commons (RKC) is designed to make visible and tangible the constellations of individuals and collectives engaged in transforming their ecosocial systems guided by a regenerative (i.e. living systems) paradigm. These self-organizing constellations occur both locally as communities of place and translocally as communities of practice. And, where the local and translocal intersect they form transformative ecosystems. Supporting the emergence, growth, visibility and potency of such transformative ecosystems is the key purpose of the RKC. As an active space and living repository for mutual co-creation and co-learning, the RKC grows from, and depends upon, the dynamic, mutually beneficial interactions that constitute transformative ecosystems. The RKC depends on an emerging community of stewards, responsible for co-design, monitoring and ongoing refinement of the rules, roles and interfaces (RKC’s operating system) guiding the kinds of interactions that might unfold.
Full_NameStringRegenerative Knowledge Commons
Ecosystem_NameStringRegenerative Knowledge Commons