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Description_ShortStringNational multiplier event
Full_NameStringCongervencia Portugal 2023: Weaving patterns of collective caring
StartDateStart date2023-05-22
EndDateEnd date2023-05-24
CuratorsStringMario Yanez
Description_LongText[[File:CP invite.png|alt=Convergencia Portugal invite|center|thumb|500x500px]] '''<big>[ register now for this free event]</big>''' ==The invitation== Convergência Portugal invites change-makers, community leaders, and organizations that care for territories in Portugal that are committed to their evolution in a context of regenerative development. ==The aim== Together, we will participate in a collective process via 3 half-day sessions with the aim to enhance capacities, our own and each others, to value and cultivate transformation, integrity, diversity and mutuality, for ourselves and our organizations, so that, together, different Communities of Place in Portugal might coalesce in prosperous transformative ecosystems ==The intention== These 3 sessions invite all to participate in a atmosphere of openness, connection and sense of care for Portugal evolution via its its role an contributions to the larger world. It will create a space for critical reflection on our modes of thinking and our patterns of practice, which continually shape one another, with a view to developing capacities and the capacity to regenerate our will to do the work we are called to realize. ==Session 1: Monday, May 22 (9:30 - 13:00)== '''Connecting with Portugal’s great patterns of change and exploring new potential in the territories to contribute to their evolution''' 9.30: Arrival and orientation / create collective field 10.00: Emerging great patterns of change in Portugal and Portugal + challenges/opportunities for transition 11.00: Break 11.20: Exploring the potential of the territories of action for the regeneration of Portugal / Portugality 12.50-13.00 - Closing, Day 1 ==Session 2: Tuesday, May 23 (9:30 - 13:00)== '''See new potential for contribution of Communities of Place and explore an instrument for their convergence''' 9.30: Arrival / reconnect with collective field 10.00: Re-visualise the potential of my project/initiative/movement (includes Break) 12.30: Regenerative Knowledge Commons (RKC) presentation 12.50: Closing, Day2 ==Session 3: Wednesday, May 24 (9:30 - 13:00)== Enabling the self-organization of transformative ecosystems in Portugal 9.30: Arrival / reconnect with collective field 9.50: Mapping ourselves 10:30: Communities of Practice and Community of Place 11.10: Break 11:20: RKC live demonstration 12:20: Exploring potential of RKC 12.50: Closing, Day3 / event ==About the People...== This multiplier event for [[Special:MyLanguage/Initiative:CCC Project|Community Climate Coaches]] and [[Special:MyLanguage/Initiative:IACT Project|Activating Community Transformation]] is funded by Erasmus+, organized by '''Convergência Portugal''' and facilitated by [ Lucida] and the regenerative design team at [[Special:MyLanguage/Initiative:FCiencias.ID|FCiências.ID]]. <small>'''Convergência Portugal''' is not a formal organization, but an ecosystem of energies, put in motion as part of the above mentioned Erasmus + projects that [[Special:MyLanguage/Initiative:FCiencias.ID|FCiências.ID]] partnered in. The [[Special:MyLanguage/Initiative:FCiencias.ID|FCiências.ID]] regenerative design team (Tom Henfrey and [[Special:MyLanguage/Person:Mario Yanez|Mario Yanez]]) that implemented the [[Special:MyLanguage/Main Page|Regenerative Knowledge Commons]] are now joined by catalysts throughout Portugal representing some of the movements, networks and Communities of Place most active in Portugal.</small> '''<big>[ register now for this free event]</big>'''
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