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Description_ShortStringIn this second phase of the Resilience Pathway, we focus on building our Community of Practice, or a guild or team of facilitators and coaches that we will work with.
Full_NameStringBuilding Collective Capacity in Community Engagement
CuratorsStringAnnika Alex; Davie Philip
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ParentPatternStringCCC Six Phases - The Resilience Pathway
Description_LongText<blockquote>'''Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”''' - Helen Keller</blockquote>'''Phase 2 Summary:''' During this phase, our primary focus is on building a team, guild, or a community of practice and developing shared capacity to facilitate participatory community engagement processes. We emphasise the development of skills that enable us to relate better to others through appreciation, gratitude, and joy, as well as effective communication, conflict resolution, and decision-making within the group. This phase also highlights the importance of working with intersectionality and activating transformative change. '''Phase 2 Goals & Purpose:''' Having a focus on developing the skills and competencies needed to facilitate effective and inclusive group processes includes using methods such as active listening, effective communication, hosting dialogue and creating safe and inclusive spaces. By developing our facilitation competencies, we can more effectively support communities in navigating complex issues and creating meaningful change. '''Key Competencies:''' Transformation Competencies, Engagement & Facilitation Competencies
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Pattern_NameStringBuilding Collective Capacity in Community Engagement

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EcosystemPageCommunity Climate Coaches
Ecosystem_NameStringCommunity Climate Coaches