CCC Competencies & Learning Pathways

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CCC Competencies & Learning Pathways
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[a sentence about CCC Competencies & Learning Pathways]
Communities of Practice:
Curator(s): Steve Charter

What is a Pattern

Pattern pages are used for working with RKC patterns. Patterns can be added by referencing them from the Pattern tab of Person, Social-Entity, Community of Place, or Community of Practice pages.

The Main section contains:

  • a few required fields, such as a ordering structure and usage mode, brief description, parent/sibling/offspring of Pattern and page curator(s);
  • optionally, one has the ability to display relevant images, give a full name, and longer description;
  • and, lastly, a summary of key relations which have a pattern on their "playlist" are provided here as well.
Pattern page for CCC Competencies & Learning Pathways pattern

[a few paragraphs about Framework and pathways]

Competencies Framework

Transformation Competencies

Communication, Facilitation & Engagement Competencies

Coaching Competencies

Carbon Reduction, Regeneration & Sustainability Competencies

Scaling, Expansion & Deepening Competencies


[not sure if you want to separate this or not]

Ordering & Usage

Ordering Structures Usage Modes
  • Livelihoods (field-livelihood-capability)
  • field


Persons: -none-
Initiatives: -none-

Resolution of Forces & Use Cases

Utilization & More


About Utilization Tab...

The Utilization tab shows which Processes--case study, story, journey, curriculum, research study, etc--this Pattern is applied in.

Interventions expressing CCC Competencies & Learning Pathways pattern:


About Process Tab...

Process Patterns tab is meant as a staging area for listing/creating Patterns that make part of this Process Pattern.

Patterns associated to CCC Competencies & Learning Pathways Process Pattern:


About Narratives Tab...

The Narratives tab allows for various types of narrative about the Pattern, any relevant research, a review about its use, etc.

Narrative elements created from CCC Competencies & Learning Pathways:


About Essence Tab...

The Essence tab allows for anyone in RKC to comment on what makes a pattern unique along three different dimensions:
   Aliveness: What energizes this being that really makes it come alive, beyond the functional of everyday existence.
   Offering: The unique value a pattern offers in order to bring a higher-order of viability and vitality to, or evolve a particular system they are working to transform (this is context specific).
   Potential: A tendency in a being that this pattern is continually striving to manifest into existence.
Over time, this feature can offer deeper insights to what each pattern brings to this co-creative space.

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