CCC Six Phases - The Resilience Pathway

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CCC Six Phases - The Resilience Pathway
Participants of the Community Climate Coach program will embark on a learning journey together to guide how they can best catalyse change and create positive impact in their locality or bioregion.
Communities of Practice:
Curator(s): Davie Philip

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Pattern page for CCC Six Phases - The Resilience Pathway pattern
The six phases of the CCC Resilience Pathway have been developed to ensure individuals can come to understand their place and context in order to develop realistic interventions for navigating and catalysing an appropriate socio-ecological transition for the wellbeing of the collective and both local and global ecosystems.

The Six Phases of the CCC Resilience Pathway

These phases can be seen as a) relating to a coach or facilitator’s personal journey, b) the process the community climate coaches lead the community through - and c) the overall process of building community / bioregional resilience within the Resilience Road Map.

  1. Growing Personal Resilience and Capacity
  2. Building Collective Capacity in Community Engagement
  3. Connecting with Community, Place and Nature
  4. Mapping Strengths & Envisioning Community-Led Initiatives
  5. Hosting Dialogue & Nourishing Community-Led Initiatives
  6. Deepening Impact & Amplifying Transformative Innovation

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