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Description_ShortStringIn Phase 3 of the pathway, we focus on processes that deepen peoples connection with place and nature.
Full_NameStringConnecting with Community, Place and Nature
CuratorsStringAnnika Alex; Davie Philip
OrderingStringTechnologies (technology-toolkit-tool), Pathways (aim-pathway-practice)
ParentPatternStringCCC Six Phases - The Resilience Pathway
Description_LongText<blockquote>'''Regenerative cultures are about thriving rather than just surviving, about adding value and increasing the health and vitality of the whole system, rather than just maintaining the status quo or minimising harm."''' - Daniel Christian Wahl </blockquote>'''Phase 3 Summary:''' In this phase, climate coaches work with community stakeholders to value, appreciate, and learn from nature and place, fostering a deeper sense of interconnection within the web of life. Processes such as observation exercises, dialogue walks, and active hope activities are designed to be inclusive of harder-to-reach communities and well-suited to the local context, fostering a deeper sense of connection with nature and place. '''Phase 3 Goals & Purpose:''' By fostering a deeper connection with place and nature, individuals and communities can build resilience and better understand the ecological context in which they live, leading to a greater sense of belonging and well-being. '''Key Competencies:''' Transformation Competencies, Engagement & Facilitation Competencies, Carbon Reduction, Regeneration & Sustainability Competencies
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Pattern_NameStringConnecting with Community, Place and Nature

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EcosystemPageCommunity Climate Coaches
Ecosystem_NameStringCommunity Climate Coaches