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Description_ShortStringIn this phase of the Resilience Pathway, we focus on nurturing our personal resilience, understanding the deeper context, and developing the abilities, skills, and other inner qualities.
Full_NameStringGrowing Personal Resilience and Capacity
CuratorsStringAnnika Alex; Davie Philip
OrderingStringTechnologies (technology-toolkit-tool), Pathways (aim-pathway-practice)
ParentPatternStringCCC Six Phases - The Resilience Pathway
Description_LongText<blockquote>'''The major problems of the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think''' - Gregory Bateson</blockquote>'''Phase 1 Summary:''' During this phase, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of the context of our current situation, including how we got here and the options available for moving forward. Our focus is specifically on ecological limits, understanding structural violence, and developing skills for working systematically in difficult conditions. '''Phase 1 Goals & Purpose:''' The objective in this phase is to strengthen our ability to navigate complexity and build inner resilience, enabling us to stay present, balanced, and buoyant when facing challenges. This phase is crucial for developing the inner capacity needed to work with others, lead and enable change, and navigate the challenges of the journey ahead. '''Key Competencies:''' Transformation Competencies, Coaching Competencies
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Pattern_NameStringGrowing Personal Resilience and Capacity

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EcosystemPageCommunity Climate Coaches
Ecosystem_NameStringCommunity Climate Coaches