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Description_ShortStringIn this phase of the Community Climate Coach Resilience Pathway, we focus on hosting conversations with communities to nurture imagination, explore possibilities, and co-create a shared vision for resilience and a just transition.
Full_NameStringHosting Dialogue & Nourishing Community-Led Initiatives
CuratorsStringAnnika Alex; Davie Philip
OrderingStringTechnologies (technology-toolkit-tool), Pathways (aim-pathway-practice)
ParentPatternStringCCC Six Phases - The Resilience Pathway
Description_LongText<blockquote>'''From farmers markets and consumer-producer cooperatives to local business alliances and community finance schemes, people are reweaving the fabric of local interdependence from the ground up. Out of common sense and heartfelt intuition, they are finding innovative ways to step out of the consumer rat race to live local lives at a human pace and scale.”''' - Helena Norberg-Hodge, Local Futures</blockquote>'''Phase 5 Summary:''' This phase of the CCC Resilience Pathway involves facilitating inclusive and participatory conversations to imagine alternative futures and transition from the present situation. The goal is to develop a road map or plan for strengthening local resilience and reducing emissions, while nurturing a social solidarity economy. '''Phase 5 Goals & Purpose:''' Here we build on the work done in the earlier phases of connecting to nature and place and mapping the strengths of the community. It also involves exploring new social narratives, such as the Wellbeing Economy framework, which can accelerate the creation of community-led initiatives and stronger local economies. '''Key Competencies:''' Facilitation Competencies, Coaching Competencies, Carbon Reduction, Regeneration & Sustainability Competencies
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Pattern_NameStringHosting Dialogue &#38; Nourishing Community-Led Initiatives

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EcosystemPageCommunity Climate Coaches
Ecosystem_NameStringCommunity Climate Coaches