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Description_ShortStringPhase 4 of the CCC toolkit focuses on building community resilience through understanding and appreciating the story of place.
Full_NameStringMapping Strengths & Envisioning Community-Led Initiatives
CuratorsStringAnnika Alex; Davie Philip
OrderingStringTechnologies (technology-toolkit-tool), Pathways (aim-pathway-practice)
ParentPatternStringCCC Six Phases - The Resilience Pathway
Description_LongText<blockquote>'''If we want to help people in a way that does no harm to them and their capacities in their communities, then the best place to start is with what is strong within them and within their communities, and not with what's wrong.”''' - Cormac Russell</blockquote>'''Phase 4 Summary:''' In this phase climate coaches work with the community to capture stories of place and use participatory asset mapping to identify the strengths and vulnerabilities of the local area or bioregion. This includes analysing the context, facilitating an understanding of the broader regional context and identifying opportunities for collaboration to enable local people to actively co-design and implement initiatives that are relevant to the place '''Phase 4 Goals & Purpose:''' The goal is to build a comprehensive understanding of the local ecosystem, social networks and illuminate the community-led initiatives that are well-suited to the needs of the community. '''Key Competencies:''' Transformation Competencies, Engagement & Facilitation Competencies, Carbon Reduction & Sustainability Competencies
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Pattern_NameStringMapping Strengths &#38; Envisioning Community-Led Initiatives

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EcosystemPageCommunity Climate Coaches
Ecosystem_NameStringCommunity Climate Coaches