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Description_ShortStringAim 4. Lifelong, essence-sourced capacity development for all
Full_NameStringRDA 4. Lifelong, developmental learning for all
CuratorsStringMario Yanez
OrderingStringPathways (aim-pathway-practice)
ParentPatternStringRegenerative Development Aims
Description_LongText[[wikipedia:Sustainable_Development_Goal_4|SDG 4]] stresses lifelong education an learning... ==SDG Shortcomings== However, like other SDGs, it is an empty promise within the context of existing educational institutions and the economic interests these serve. These are incapable of addressing the multidimensional facets of ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Whole people|whole people]]'' capable of [[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Radical Participation|''participating authentically and fully'']] (see also [[Pattern:RDA 5. Radical participation|RDA 5]]) in ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Whole communities|whole communities]]''. ==Context== Like health care systems, educational systems are too narrowly-focused on the infinite production of workers and consumers. Most formal education focuses on transmitting learning in one direction, via a fragmented set of disciplines, ignoring the wildly varied needs, interests and potentialities of individual learners and failing to teach the most relevant life skills. ==Living systems== All living systems evolve via learning that is ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Developmental|developmental]]''. All beings, including humans, are born with an innate ability and insatiable appetite for learning; and, that the best learning is self-learning, which occurs naturally, as part of healthy developmental processes. Indeed, it takes extraordinary efforts to interrupt the natural developmental learning process, yet our current mode of socialization is programmed to do just that for so many. ==Lifelong, developmental learning== The [[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Developmental|''developmental'']] aspect of this aim, widens the focus to emphasize the lifelong development of unique, whole beings. We can say, that developmental learning is ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Essence-sourced|essence-sourced]]'', in that taps into, awakens, builds on and deeply values what each individual brings into this world most uniquely. When not disrupted or deviated, most learners are naturally-drawn to discover what brings them the highest ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Degree of aliveness|degree of aliveness]]''. This discovery, sourced from [[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Essence|''essence'']], from the very core of who they are, can serve to awaken a sense of calling (or [[wikipedia:Vocation|vocation]]) towards what they will care for beyond themselves and how the will express that caring in the larger world. This approach is truly lifelong, in that it envisions diverse, emergent opportunities and roles responsive to that individual's uniqueness spread throughout their ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Developmental pathway|developmental pathway]]'' over the course of a lifetime. These roles can express themselves as meaningful livelihoods and optimally, in a meaningful life in the service of Life. Just as [[Pattern:RDA 3. Whole health and well-being|whole health and well-being]] is nested, so too is '''lifelong, developmental learning'''. Indeed, individuals can express their [[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Wholeness|wholeness]] and ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Aliveness|aliveness]]'' most, when they can add value to larger ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Whole|wholes]]'' (places, communities, systems) they are a part of--participate in. In other words, to be [[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Whole|''whole'']] you must be able to see yourself ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Nestedness|nested]]'' in larger wholes. Where people nest most gracefully into their larger contexts, it is because their [[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Essence-sourced|essence-sourced]] calling, or [[wikipedia:Vocation|vocation]], has aligned and embedded well within the ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Vocation of place|vocation of a place]]'', community, larger system. Lastly, developmental learning is ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Co-learning|co-learning]]'', it does not occur in isolation. Living beings learn collectively in response from changing conditions in ecosystems. Humans, in particular, are continually learning together with their peers to navigate change in themselves, each other and the contexts they are participating in. ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Communities of Place|Communities of Place]]'' are not exempt, they must also learn developmentally: they must develop the capacity, as a collective, to integrate and value the radically abundant and diverse forms of community participation (''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Radical participation|radical participation]]''), essence-sourced livelihoods entail. ==Pattern generators== '''This aim could be generative of the following patterns in any Community of Place of any scale.''' *recognition that all beings, including humans, are born with an insatiable ability and appetite for learning; and that learning occurs naturally, as part of a healthy developmental process [4.0a] *recognition that learning is either activated or stymied depending on the appropriateness of context (physical setting, emotional conditions), the approach used, the learner’s [[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Being|''being state'']] and the relevance of content to each individual [4.0b] *recognition that the role of those who guide learning for any individual, is to awaken inherent capabilities, reveal unique ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Essence|essence]]'' and support capacity for self-knowing, in order that each being can develop their truest ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Potential|potential]]'' expressed through those capabilities and that essence [4.0c] *provision of holistic, free and equitable, ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Place-sourced|place-sourced]]'' '''lifelong, developmental learning''' and capacity-building opportunities for all, especially those less-privileged or most vulnerable[4.1-3,5-6; 4b] *provision of universal access to capacity-building around ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Traditional skills|traditional skills]]'' and [[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Regenerative practices|''regenerative practices'']] [4.4,7] *provision of safe, non-violent, inclusive, ecologically-sound and healthy [[wikipedia:Learning_environment|learning environments]] for all [4.a] *preparation of adults to participate in the '''lifelong, developmental learning''' of all children in the community [4.c] *capacity-building in each person for spiritual/contemplative practices that generate inner peace and clarity [4.d] *encouragement for each person from childhood to express themselves and their uniqueness in positive and beautiful ways [4.e] *from childhood onward, nurturing of a [[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Sense of interconnectedness|''sense of interconnectedness'']] with the living world, especially in places they belong to [4.f] *valuing the [[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Radical participation|''radical participation'']], knowledge and wisdom of elders in community life; especially in all aspects of capacity-building, and passing on traditions and shared community values [4.g] <big><u>Note</u>: SDG target linkages in brackets.</big>
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ActivatingStringEducation nowadays is hampering children from growing their innate learning capabilities while fostering a mechanistic and unidirectional way of learning through silos and out of touch with reality and its multidimensionalities, as well as it is not experiencial and essence-based learning.
RestrainingStringThe high level of student alienation, stress or anxiety disorders, suicides, among others as well as the high level of educators depressions and burnouts do show us that our educational system is not healthy.
ReconcilingStringPromote an educational system that is essence and place-based. This will foster individual wellbeing and developmental process as well as will nurture community guilding, a process that nurtures reciprocal relationships of care and wisdom transfer.
Pattern_NameStringRDA 4. Lifelong, developmental learning

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EcosystemPageRegenerative Development
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