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Description_ShortStringAim 9. Grow living infrastructure as needed for place-centric ecosocial regeneration
Full_NameStringRDA 9. Grow living infrastructure as needed for place-centric ecosocial regeneration
CuratorsStringMario Yanez
OrderingStringPathways (aim-pathway-practice)
ParentPatternStringRegenerative Development Aims
Description_LongTextIf [[wikipedia:Sustainable_Development_Goal_8|SDG 8]], was the weakest by way of cherishing, protecting and regenerating living systems, [[wikipedia:Sustainable_Development_Goal_9|SDG 9]] is by contrast, the boldest advocate for their efficient and sustained destruction. ==SDG Shortcomings== [[wikipedia:Sustainable_Development_Goal_9|SDG 9]] blatantly calls for "resilient infrastructure" that enables "sustainable industrialization," which translates further investment, expansion and development of its extractive and destructive machinery for impoverishing communities and dismantling living systems. It attempts to disguise itself, behind the empty rhetoric of sustainability and the empty promise that technology will save the day. ==Context== Our industrialized, modern world is replete with underutilized and outdated, structures that no longer serve a purpose, much less serve Life. These required massive amounts of material and energy expenditures to be built, maintained and eventually demolished, to make way for yet another such structure. ==Living systems== All structures in the Universe are results of dynamic processes which produce varying ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Degrees of aliveness|degrees of aliveness]]''. In order to understand, living structures--those resulting from living processes--there are various distinctions that can be made: living structures grow organically, to support living processes; living structures are not preplanned or brought into existence before its needed; and, living structures are composed of ''place-sourced'' living materials, themselves generated through living processes. Living structure is an architectural concept developed in depth by [[wikipedia:Christopher_Alexander|Christopher Alexander]] that describes all living structure found in the Universe in a continuum with Human-built living structures. ==Living infrastructure== The aim of '''Living Infrastructure''', translated into Human terms, means that our infrastructure should produce a greater <u>''degree of aliveness''</u> for the larger whole it is <u>''nested''</u> in. To do this, it ought to: (1) grow only in direct support of generation of [[Pattern:RDA 8. Genuine wealth and right livelihood|genuine wealth and right livelihoods]] in communities; (2) unfold slowly and be responsive to the potential of the present moment, allowing for community discernment; and, (3) be produced from ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Place-sourced|place-sourced]]'' living materials [[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Regenerative|regeneratively]] grown and/or harvested from local ecosystems (see [[Pattern:RDA 2. Food and material abundance|RDA 2]] and [[Pattern:RDA 12. Place-sourced primary production|RDA 12]]). This ensures, that they can be continually growing organically, as needed and that when no longer needed. It also ensures that when living structures have served their useful life, the material can all be disassembled and re-used or composted. '''Living infrastructure''' should exist to serve <u>''whole communities''</u>, not narrow interests, and therefore should be held in, cared for and governed by the community as part of the ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Living commons|living commons]]''. It should be an outgrowth of the larger ecological context of places and communities ([[Pattern:Community of place|communities of place]]), and as such, transition gradually from most passive to most intensive Human activity at its core. Active buffers of ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Regenerative agriculture|regenerative agriculture]]'' and ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Agroforestry|agroforestry]]'' as advocated by [[Pattern:RDA 12. Place-sourced primary production|RDA 12]], can serve to mediate between [[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Wild ecosystems|''wild ecosystems'']] and more intensified [[Pattern:RDA 11. Human ecosystems|Human ecosystems]]. '''Living infrastructure''' grows from place, is naturally beautiful, and can be artistically-crafted to further celebrate the unique ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Essence|essence]]'' or [[wikipedia:Genius_loci|genius loci]] of a place. Indeed, an added benefit of growing '''living infrastructure''' that is ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Place-centric|place-centric]]'' and ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Place-sourced|place-sourced]]'', is that it becomes valuable in distinguishing what is special about a place--serving as a natural attractant for visitors and travelers that may be further supportive of ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Local living economies|local living economies]]'' in their effort to generate ''[[Pattern:RDA 8. Genuine wealth and right livelihood|genuine wealth and right livelihoods]]''. And, although no two places will be alike, '''living infrastructure''' in places with similar conditions can serve as patterns to guide [[Pattern:Regenerative development|r''egenerative development'']] elsewhere. ==Pattern generators== '''This aim could be generative of the following patterns in any Community of Place of any scale.''' *development of '''living infrastructure''' as part of an organic, living process ONLY as needed to support generation of ''[[Pattern:RDA 8. Genuine wealth and right livelihood|genuine wealth and right livelihood]]'' and community ''[[Pattern:RDA 8. Genuine wealth and right livelihood|whole health and well-being]]'', with a focus on ''[[Pattern:RDA 5. Radical participation|radical participation]]'' of all, both human and non-human [9.1] *prioritization of '''living infrastructure''' that supports ''[[Pattern:RDA 12. Place-sourced primary production|place-sourced primary production]]'' of [[Pattern:RDA 2. Food and material abundance|abundant food and materials]] to surpass the basic needs of all, in ways that regenerate the ''[[Pattern:RDA 3. Whole health and well-being|whole health and well-being]]'' of each lifeshed [9.2] *proliferation of small-scale ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Regenerative enterprise|regenerative enterprise]]'' ecosystems and ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Local living economies|local living economies]]'' in [[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Communities of Place|Communites of Place]] everywhere [9.3] *retrofit and right-sizing of enterprises so that they function gracefully within ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Local living economie|local living economies]]'' that are ''place-centric'' and operate at a [[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Human scale|human scale]] [9.4a] *offer [[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Pathways|''pathways'']] for enterprises to realign with ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Regenerative development|regenerative development]]'', and with a [[Pattern:Regenerative paradigm|living systems paradigm]], so they grow ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Genuine wealth|genuine wealth]]'' for communities they serve [9.4a] *hold organizations (government, non-governmental, corporate) accountable for making reparations for all damage to communities and ecosystems everywhere [9.4b] *up-cycling of the ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Regenerative|regenerative]]'' capabilities of all organizations (government, non-governmental, corporate) [9.5] *recognition of biosphere as a ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Living commons|living commons]]'', be held in common for all beings to ''participate radically'' [9.6a] **because it is the source of Life across the planet, is sacred to all beings, and source of ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Genuine wealth|genuine wealth]]'' [9.6] **any part thereof, should not be assigned ownership *regeneration and wise use of living and cultural commons via [[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Community self-governance|''community self-governance'']] [9.6] *recognition of human culture (language, traditions, local knowledge, ideas, all forms of art, etc.) as part of our shared ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Cultural commons|cultural commons]]'', and be held in common for all [9.6b] *expansion of commons by actively transferring these out of private ownership and into shared governance, long-term care and ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Radical participation|radical participation]]'' [9.6c] *non-interference with ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Developmental|developmental]]'' processes of more vulnerable ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Communities of Place|Communities of Place]]'', other than to provide resources towards ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Regenerative development|regenerative development]]'' with no strings attached [9.a] *actively support ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Place-centric|place-centric]]'' and ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Place-sourced|place-sourced]]'' ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Regenerative development|regenerative development]]'' everywhere [9.b] *create ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Communities of Practice|Communities of Practice]]'' to share learning generated from lived experience in ''[[Special:FormEdit/Patterns/Pattern:Communities of Place|Communities of Place]]'' attempting to express patterns of regeneration [9.c] <big><u>Note</u>: SDG target linkages in brackets.</big>
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Pattern_NameStringRDA 9. Living infrastructure

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