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Description_ShortStringthe process that culminates in the creation of a user account in RKC
Full_NameStringRKC Onboarding process
CuratorsStringMario Yanez
OrderingStringPathways (aim-pathway-practice)
ParentPatternStringRKC User Guides
Description_LongTextPlease follow these three easy steps to '''create a user account''' in RKC. ''<small><u>Note</u>: Make sure to keep this page handy (bookmark it or open links in new tab) until you've finished the process.</small>'' ==Step 1. [[Special:RequestAccount|Request an Account]]== *Please fill in Real Name field appropriately (this will be the name of your Person page) *Await a response. You should receive an email from the Regenerative Knowledge Commons with a temporary password. *On approval, with email handy, continue to Step 2. ==Step. 2. [[Special:UserLogin|Login to RKC]]== <div>If all goes well with login, you will see your Real Name showing up as a menu on extreme right of the top bar (heading) of any RKC page (see image below).[[File:(RKC UG) Navigating, header.png|center|thumb|600x600px]]Once logged in successfully, continue to step 3.</div> ==Step 3. [[Form:User|Create a User page]]== When you follow this link, you will come to a form with one field which should have your User Name in it. If correct, press the Create or Edit button next to it. [[File:(RKC UG) Creating User page, 1. Form-to-User.png|center|thumb|500x500px]] From here, you will be directed to Create User Page, which is necessary in order for you to Contribute to content or comment on existing pages within the RKC wiki (see image below). [[File:(RKC UG) Creating User page, 2. Create User page (EN).png|center|thumb|500x500px]] <div>From here, you only need to '''press the ''Save''''' '''button''' to finalize the creation of your User page. <big>Congratulations!!! '''You are now a [[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Contributor|''Contributor'']] to the RKC'''.</big> If all goes well, you should have a page like this:[[File:(RKC UG) User page, Correct.png|center|thumb|500x500px]]Your User page remains in the system as a principal reference to you and your activity within the RKC. It also serves as a spring board to your Person page, if and when you decide to create it.</div> In order to participate more fully, you can proceed (now or later) to become a ''[[Special:FormEdit/Pattern/Pattern:Page Curator|Page Curator]]'', by [[Pattern:RKC Person profile|Creating your Person page]] in RKC.
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Pattern_NameStringRKC Onboarding

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EcosystemPageRegenerative Knowledge Commons
Ecosystem_NameStringRegenerative Knowledge Commons