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Terms of Service

Community Agreements

The RKC is a knowledge commons. As such, it is open for anyone to participate. Therefore it is extremely important for all to follow some basic community agreements.

Participating as Commentator

There are various levels of Participation, the most basic is that of Commentator, which requires a User Account in the RKC. A User Account is not required to browse.

If you create a User Account, you agree to:

  1. You participate only as yourself at all times, using your real name.
  2. Your comments on pages curated by others are respectful and aim to generate value to the RKC.

Participating as Page Curator

If you are called to participate more fully in the RKC, then you will do so via a Person page, which you will care for actively, so long as you are called to be a participant in RKC. #You will only establish one, and only one, Person page.

  1. Your Person page will be your home node within the RKC.
  2. Via your Person page, you may create and curate other types of pages (Social-Entities, Localities, Communities of Place, Communities of Practice, Patterns, Processes)
  3. You will actively care for any pages you create or agree to curate; including inviting and/or handing off to other Persons to be Page Curators for those pages.